This information is relevant for the new subscriptions "Family & Friends" and "Familiy & FriendsPRO". 

It also applies to the old subscription "Friends & Family PLUS".

When the Wearer presses the watch’s alarm button, the watch automatically calls all registered Helpers - landlines and mobile numbers all at the same time.  In addition, all Helpers who have installed the SmartWatcher® App, receive a push notification an instant prior to being called. The App - showing the location of the Wearer on a map- will be active in the background and can be checked any time during the call.

Thanks to the watch’s built-in microphone and speaker, all Helpers can talk with the Wearer in a group call and coordinate if and how help should be arranged. 

The active alert will be automatically stopped the moment the last Helper hangs up. From this moment on, the location of the Wearer will also stop to be visible in the App.