There are three different ways that an active alert can be ended.

1) The first and preferable way to end an active alert is that the Helpers or the care professionals end the call. 

For wearers with the Family & Friends(PRO) subscription it will look like this: after the conference call, when the last Helper hangs up, the alert will automatically be ended. Please note that the communication between Wearer and Helper should last at least 30 seconds for this scenario to happen. 

2) Another option is to end the alert on the watch. During an active alert, you can press the red alert icon. 

If you have a SPIRIT, you first press on the red alert icon and continue by taping on the little green symbol on the right.


If you have an ESSENCE or MOTION watch you get the choice to either end or continue the alert by pressing the 'end alert' button on the screen. 

3) The third option is to end the alert via the watch management portal. Any watch administrator can do this by navigating into the “Alarm History” menu.