Below is an explanation of all the watch settings in the watch management portal. This settings are not available for the SPIRIT. 


Vibrate during an active alert

Provides tactile feedback that an alert has been activated. Gives discreet reassurance.

Beep before alert

Plays an audible tone for a number of seconds before transmitting an alert. Gives the wearer an opportunity to cancel the alert, thereby avoiding false alarms.

Screen on during an active alert

Keeps the screen on when an alert has been activated. Provides visual reassurance.

Warning if discreet mode is on at the same time: As discreet mode is switched on, you may wish to switch off this setting in order to have visual discretion.

Turn on the screen with wrist raise

Shows the time when the wearer raises their wrist. Avoids the need to press the upper button to switch on the display. This feature consumes more power, depending on how often the wearer moves their wrist.

Discreet mode

Prevents the screen from switching on during safety events. Audio is muted (except for telephony). This is useful in security/protection scenarios. Helpers are recommended to mute their microphone during calls.

Disable end alert by wearer

Prevents the wearer from ending an alert by tapping on the red animation. An alert is normally ended automatically upon completion of a call with a call-centre or friends & family group. An alert can also be manually ended in menu item Alert History.

Disable start alert and power off by wearer

Prevents the wearer from starting an alert by pressing the watch's alert button. Also, the wearer can not power off the watch by pressing the watch's power button.

Feature mode

When switched on, the wearer can pull open a "drawer" by swiping from left to right on the touchscreen. A menu is displayed, allowing certain features to be activated from the watch. For example, selecting "Safety timer" lets the wearer start and stop the safety timer. Feature mode is intended for power users, who are comfortable using the watch's touchscreen.

Periodic alert notification

Sends repeated push notifications to helpers' smartphones in case of an alert. Useful for Friends and Family subscriptions where a single notification may not catch the watcher’s attention.


Defines the language used for displaying messages on the watch, as well as audio announcements.

Low power mode

Increases battery life by minimizing data transmission. We recommend switching this on in case the experienced battery life is insufficient for your needs. Be aware that when the watch is used in low power mode, you must first turn off this low power mode before you can see the latest battery statistics. 

Call Settings

Auto-answer calls

Defines under which circumstances an incoming call on the watch is answered automatically. Avoids the wearer having to press the screen to answer a call. 

Automatically block calls from non-helpers

Rejects calls from unregistered numbers. Useful for blocking unwanted calls, but keep in mind that helpers should not suppress their caller-id or they too will be blocked.


Watchface style

Your preferred watchface is a matter of taste. 'Classic' shows you all the numbers, 'Clarity' features large, clear numerals and 'Digital' features large digits for a modern look. To get a visual overview of the different watchfaces, see: What is the difference between the three different watchface styles?

Watchface theme

We recommend 'black on white' if you have a white watch. 'Yellow on blue' can give improved visual contrast for wearers with macular degeneration.


Shows the current day of week and date.

Seconds hand

Shows the number of seconds within a minute, in case this precision of time display is required.

Battery level

Shows the approximate state of charge of the battery. In case the level reading becomes inaccurate, we recommend completely discharging and then fully recharging the watch.

Alert icon

Allows triggering an alert by tapping an icon on the watchface. As this can lead to false alarms, we recommend trying out this feature for a while and in case of false alarms, rely on the physical button to trigger an alert.

Offline indicator

Shows an icon on the watchface when the watch loses data connectivity.

Signal indicator

Shows the signal strength level on the watchface, as well as connection type (G/E/H/3G).

Low Battery Reminder

Battery threshold

Flashes the screen and plays a sound when the battery level reaches the defined level. Reminds the wearer to charge their watch.

Reminder rate

Defines how often reminders should repeat if the watch is not charged.

Voice announcement

Watch speaks the words: “Please charge your watch”.

Quiet between

Suppresses the battery reminder between the defined hours.

Safety Timer

Confirm safety on movement (inactivity sensor)

When the safety timer is active, safety is automatically confirmed when the wearer moves their wrist. This avoids the need to press the screen to confirm safety. The watch's sensor is activated after 80% of the timer's interval has elapsed.