The watch management portal gives the administrator of the watch access to the settings of the watch hence the possibility to personalise it. Futhermore, helpers can be added and features such as geofencing, inactivity sensor and safety timer activated.

Below an explanation of the menu items: 

Helpers - Here you will find a list of all the helpers of the watch if you have the FRIENDS & FAMILY or the FRIENDS & FAMILY PLUS subscription. You can also add extra helpers here. See: How do I add helpers?

Map - Here you can geolocate the watch.

Alert History - A full history of all the alerts that were triggered. During an active alert, the administrator can end the alert here as well. See: How can I end an active alert? 

Watch Settings - Personalise the settings of the watch and activate preferred features. See: Watch settings overview in watch management

Watch Battery Stats - See the battery statistics of the watch. Please note that if the watch is in low power mode, you first have to swich off low power mode in order to see the latest battery statistics. 

Account Details - Here you see the wearer contact details. 

Monitoring Console - In the Monitoring Console, you can activate the safety timer and geofencing. 

Administrator Settings - Here you can change the details of the administrator, including the login details (email adress and password).

Logout - Leave Watch Management.