The SmartWatcher® app can be used as personal safety app. Alternatively, if you are a helper of a Smartwatcher emergency call watch wearer, you can use the app to receive alerts notifications and geolocation information. If you use the SmartWatcher® app for “helper” purposes, you don’t need to buy any subscription in the mobile SmartWatcher® app.

See also: Overview of the SmartWatcher® app.

For every type of subscription there is a different way to use the app as an helper. 


With a FRIENDS & FAMILY subscription, the helpers need a smartphone to install the SmartWatcher® app. During an active alert, the helpers will receive push notifications through the SmartWatcher® app and they will be able to locate the watch. With one click in the app, the helper can call the watch, or escalate to the international emergency number 112. 


With a FRIENDS & FAMILY PLUS subscription, the helpers only need a smartphone if they want to locate the wearer of the watch via the SmartWatcher® app. This is possible during an active alert. 


With a PROFESSIONAL subscription, no helpers nor the SmartWatcher® app are needed.

If you want to use the SmartWatcher® app as a personal safety app, see Can I use the SmartWatcher® app without a watch?