The geofencing function is available for the ESSENCE and MOTION watch but not for the SPIRIT. Geofencing is the ability to define a safe-zone by entering a map position and a safety-radius. Should the watch wearer stray outside the safe-zone, helpers are immediately notified. With this technology, locating a wandering person is much faster and easier, reducing the risk of accidents or loss, and saving costs for rescue operations. Helpers can rest assured that they will be alerted as soon as the watch wearer leaves the zone.

The Geofencing feature can be activated in the Monitoring Console menu.

  • Press 'Activate geofencing'

  • Enter the coordinates where the watch is located and set the radius. (Tip: to find the coordinates, geolocate the watch and the coordinates will be shown below the map. See: How do I geolocate a watch?)

When a geofence is active, the geofence icon will be displayed on the Smartwatcher watchface.

Smartwatcher uses advanced technology to keep battery consumption at a minimum, even while constantly verifying the geo-location.