It is possible to use the SmartWatcher® app as a standalone personal safety app. This can be useful whether you often walk home alone at night, go jogging, or live in a dangerous neighbourhood. It is also a great option for lone workers, business travellers, families, outdoor sports, and for anyone with an increased risk of harassment, accident or medical emergency.

You can invite up to 12 helpers through the app – trusted friends and family – who will be alerted if you press the emergency button. They will also be able to see your position on the map. The helpers can call you through the app and arrange appropriate assistance. If needed, public emergency services can be contacted with the press of a button.

Users of the SmartWatcher® app can subscribe to the app feature Continuous Safety Monitoring (in-app purchase). This feature periodically asks you whether or not you are safe – and if you do not respond, it alerts your safety network. The Continuous Safety Monitoring feature costs 1 € per month, or 10 € per year.