Below you find an explanation of the SmartWatcher® app. 

Watchers - This tab is only relevant if you want to use the SmartWatcher® app as a personal safety app. You can here add your helpers by tapping on the + symbol and inviting your personal contacts to download the app and accept your request. See also: How do I use the SmartWatcher® app as a helper? 

Monitoring - If you use the SmartWatcher® app as a personal safety app, you can subscribe to the app feature Continuous Safety Monitoring (in-app purchase). This feature periodically asks you whether or not you are safe – and if you do not respond, it alerts your safety network. The Continuous Safety Monitoring feature costs 1 € per month, or 10 € per year. See also: Can I use the SmartWatcher® app without a watch?

Watching - Here you will see the people you are 'watching over'. If you are invited as a helper by another person, you will see this person here. In case of an active alert, you will find the location here as well, together with the possibility to call the watch or to escalate and call the international emergency number 112 with one press on the button. 

Settings - Here you can change the settings for the SmartWatcher® app, including the contact details of the user. 

Please note that the SmartWatcher® app for Apple and Android devices are slightly different from eachother, but the functions and operation are exactly the same.