We are sorry to hear that our watch does not seem the right solution for you or someone close to you. If this is mainly because it is unclear how the watch or the subscription functions, you are very welcome to contact us with your questions. Perhaps we can help you to better understand our product? You can reach us via email: support@smartwatcher.com or call us between 9AM - 5PM on +41 43 508 46 92

If you have decided that the watch is not what you are looking for, then the following guidelines describe how to return the watch to us. Please note that these guidelines only apply if you 

  • have bought the watch through our Smartwatcher webshop (www.smartwatcher.com) and
  • the purchase is not longer than 30 days ago

Please read the attached pdf document carefully to make sure that you meet all requirements for a simple and smooth return proces! Thank you in advance.